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Adobe - The software standard for professionals

Since the beginning of digital photography, the name Adobe has been a household name and familiar to every photographer. After all, digital image processing would not be what it is today without the programs Lightroom and Photoshop. Through constant updates and innovations, Adobe responds very precisely to the wishes of photographers and surprises again and again with new software that makes the previously impossible possible. Lightroom is the most comprehensive image editing software currently available on the market. The special feature of this software is not only the special functions for post-processing, but also the automatic cataloging of the images taken. This means that you can not only edit different file formats, but also ensure that you never lose track of your images. Photoshop is the right software when it comes to detail and pixel-perfect retouching or working with layers. Together, Lightroom and Photoshop are an unbeatable duo. An indispensable image editing program that is not only used by professionals, but has also found its way into many households thanks to the Adobe Photoshop Elements version.