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Have slides, negatives, photos && etc. digitized!

Whether for the archive or the family tree, we at Foto Koch digitize your treasures from the past! Highest resolution quality for backup down to the smallest detail. With our digitizing service you save a lot of time, because digitizing slides, old photos, or negatives costs not only time, but also some costs, depending on what you want to digitize you need expensive equipment.

We take care of all that for you! So you don't have to worry about headaches with the treasures of the past days.

To the digitization offer

Have negatives digitized

Save your pictures / slides from decay today!

Slides, negatives, videos, cine film and the like lose the first detailed information after just 20 years, resulting in the deterioration of your memories / snapshots.

The consequences of not digitizing your slides && negatives

  • Framed slides accumulate dirt and become dull over time

  • The films, negatives and co. can develop a color cast

  • Under poor storage conditions, films, slides & Co. can also develop mold or be irretrievably destroyed
  • Over time, the images lose color and fades

New life for old treasures

Slides & negatives not only take up a lot of space, they are also not particularly practical. Let us show you why it makes sense to digitize your photos & snapshots:

  • Create backup copies as much as your heart desires!

  • Take slides anywhere & around the world Spreadable, share the memories with your family, no matter where!
  • Image editing is possible!
  • Have photos reprinted and give great photo gifts as presents
  • A new look for your masterpieces: Printed on aluminum dibond or as a canvas?
  • Easier & faster sorting by: Year, place, people, or similar.
  • Gain storage space
Have slides digitized

Your advantages of the digitization service at Foto Koch

  • Digitization with up to up to 5100 dpi
  • Multiple scans for a higher dynamic range of each image
  • Multi-level image optimization
  • T?V Rheinland certified products
  • transparent costs

Optional features

  • Dry cleaning
  • Slide sorting
  • Alignment & orientation
  • Slide re-sorting in magazine or rail
  • Storage in TIFF format
  • Manual intensive cleaning / wet cleaning
  • DIA re-framing (plastic frame)

Digitize your slides now
Eco quality:
3,000 ppi/dpi corresponds to 3264 x 4928 pixels per image
Premium quality:
4,500 ppi/dpi corresponds to 4020 x 6036 pixels per image
Professional quality:
5,100 ppi/dpi corresponds to 4912 x 7360 pixels per image

The Eco quality is suitable for customers who want to optimize costs and keep the corresponding costs for digitization to a minimum. Here you have to deliver the slides in the correct slide rails. We do not check the correctness of the pages nor the orientation of the photos.

The Premium quality is a more extensive service package as well as a higher resolution of 4500ppi/dpi. The following services are included in this service package:
  • Multiple scans
  • Border trimming
  • multi-level image optimization

The Premium Plus Quality package includes some additional services that are not included in the normal Premium Quality service:

  • Cleaning
  • Page correctness
  • Orientation
  • Adherence to the exact order
The Professional Quality has the highest resolution of all packages with 5100ppi/dpi, it also includes a wide range of services. The special advantage here in the package is the file delivery in TIFF quality instead of JPEG. Please keep in mind that images in Tiff format require a large amount of data.

With slide magazines / slide rails you can deliver in the typical magazine types, these are for example:

  • Unviersal magazines
  • CS or
  • Truck magazines
Here it is not necessary to re-sort the slides. We can use your slides as in the last presentation with a slide projector. Only the check if the slides are dust-free .

35mm slides

Standard 35mm slides we support the following dimensions:

  • 24x36mm
  • with 5x5cm plastic or cardboard frame

Special slide formats

  • Minox format 8x11mm
  • Instamatic 28x28mm
  • Pocket 13x17mm
  • Half format 24x24mm
  • Half format 40x40mm

Medium slide formats

  • 6x4,5cm framed
  • 6x6cm framed

Large format slidesThe large

format slide category includes all slide formats from 6x7cm to A4 in size. The large format slides can be found either unframed or in glued glass frames.

The following magazine types are not supported and would have to be sorted manually, this leads to a sorting surcharge:

  • BRAUN Paximat
  • KODAK round magazines
  • Leica round magazines
  • Bulk magazines
  • Slide archive boxes
  • Slides without magazine / loose slides
  • and much more.

If we receive archive folders from you, a sorting surcharge will apply.

As you are used to from us, we process the orders in the shortest possible time. Thus, the digitizations are processed within 7 - 14 working days.

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