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Photo competition

Photo competitions

"ORANGE" photo competition

The winners have been chosen and have already been notified. The winning photos will be presented in the next few days. We would like to thank all participants for the many great entries.

Note: If files are too large, there may be problems with the upload. This depends on various factors. Submit the pictures in a decent resolution for the jury, but try to stay under 20 MB. The photos must also be in JPG.

The winnings

1st place: 1000? voucher for Nikon
Nikon is a household name and offers not only excellent cameras and Lens but also brilliant binoculars.
Nikon brand store

2nd place: 650? voucher for Tamron
From fast fixed focal lengths and macro lenses to mega and travel zooms: Tamron's wide range of lenses leaves nothing to be desired.
Tamron brand store

3rd place: Sirui A100B Bi-Color self-inflating LED continuous light with Grid 100W
The continuous light is the ideal solution for tight spaces and space-saving transport.
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4th place: ?250 voucher for Laowa
Laowa Lens have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many of them are unique.
Laowa Lenses

5th place: Sirui CS100B Bi-Color LED Studio Light 100W with Bowens Mount
Compact light with many effects and color temperatures.
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6th place: 150? voucher for Godox
Godox is one of the trend brands for photo and video lighting.
Godox brand store

7th place: 100? voucher for ThinkTank
Think Tank stands for stable and reliable bags, backpacks & Co.
Think Tank articles

8th-12th place: Peak Design Micro Clutch - Hand strap for cameras
The hand strap ensures a secure hold.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, the usual corrections are possible, but also montages. Just make sure that you don't include anything that wasn't taken by you. However, the use of an AI is not permitted.

Unfortunately this is not possible. The pictures will be anonymized so that the jury can neutrally assess which photos are the best. Regardless of who took them or the story behind them. Since the pictures are anonymized, there is no point in assigning special file names.

Each participant can upload up to three photos once. If only one or two photos are uploaded, it will not be possible to upload them again. If you would still like to submit further photos (maximum of three in total), please send them to us by email to

If you have uploaded the wrong picture or have taken a better one in the meantime, send us the new one by e-mail to and indicate which one should be removed from the ranking.

Yes, you will receive an email immediately after uploading. If you do not receive one, please check your spam folder. If it is not there either, please contact

If the files are too large or the internet connection is slow, there may be problems with the upload. This depends on various factors. Our recommendation is: Submit the images in a decent resolution for the jury (at least 2,500 pixels on the long side, even if less is required in the conditions of participation), but try to stay under 20 MB file size. In addition, the photos must be in JPG. If you still have problems, please send an email to

The jury consists of four to six photographers from the Foto Koch team, who all work in different genres in order to have as many different skills as possible in the selection process. This team selects the best 20-30 images, which can then be evaluated by up to 60 people in an internal vote. The winning images are then selected from this result.

After the end of the photo competition, a jury will select the best photos. This can take one to two weeks. The winners will then be notified by email. As soon as we receive feedback from everyone, the result will be published on our blog. All participants will then also be informed by email. This can take up to four weeks in total.

Conditions of participation

All pictures with an orange theme are eligible and must have been taken by you.

Each participant can submit up to 3 pictures once exclusively online on the homepage at The images must be submitted in JPG format and are not subject to any size restrictions, but should be large enough to be assessed by the jury (ideally at least 1200 pixels on the long side).

Uploading very large files may take some time depending on your internet connection. When submitting the images, you must provide your full name and e-mail address.

Photo prints or digital image carriers sent by post will not be accepted and cannot be returned.

The submitted images will be checked by an independent jury upon receipt and then released for the competition.

The participant assures that he/she owns all rights to the submitted image, has the unrestricted exploitation rights to all parts of the image, that the image is free of third-party rights and that no personal rights are violated in the depiction of persons. If one or more people are recognizably depicted in the photo, the persons concerned must agree to the picture being published. Motifs depicting violence, glorifying violence, offending common decency, racist or otherwise violating applicable law are not permitted. Participants agree to the storage of their data and the publication of their pictures. The pictures will not be passed on to third parties. The exception to this is the forwarding to the press for publication and reporting on the photo competition. The participating images may also be shown and used by Foto Koch in any form after the photo competition, provided the photographer is named. There is no entitlement to publication.

The participant must be of legal age. The participant expressly agrees to this. Foto Koch employees and their relatives are not eligible to take part in the photo competition. Legal recourse is excluded.

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