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Why adjust / exchange a camera strap?

A camera strap is one of the most popular accessories for any photographer. This is not only because of the possibility to further individualize his camera visually, but also to further optimize the camera according to his needs. For example, a wedding photographer has different requirements than a street or landscape photographer.

With the camera straps supplied by the manufacturer, there is often a disadvantage, the brand & the model are usually noted on it. Why is this a problem? Pickpockets are quick to recognize if this is a potential haul or if it's not worth it. With camera straps, there are also certain models that have an extra wire integrated to counteract this. Another advantage of a custom camera strap, this can provide better comfort & ergonomics.

What are the differences in camera straps?

In addition to the classic difference of colors, there are other criteria, such as the following:

  • Attachment to the tripod thread
  • Wire woven into the strap
  • Click system
  • Length
  • Three-point mounting on the shoulder
  • Holds more than one camera
  • etc.

What are the alternatives to a camera strap?

A camera strap is not ideal for every photographer or every use, so the market has other alternatives to offer, such as the following: