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Lastolite - it's all about the right staging

The natural environment is a wonderful backdrop for photography and film. Unfortunately, however, it is not always suitable and sufficient for all purposes. Often it is simply not possible to wait for the ideal light and weather conditions. It can also take too long to find the right location for the required set. Much more often than you might think, studio shoots take place using a flash unit. Lastolite leaves nothing to be desired in this respect, because time is money in photography and video shoots too, and the day on set is notoriously expensive. And - action!
For photo assignments or projects that require special lighting conditions, the flash unit or a specific environment, Lastolite offers an enormous range of professional accessories of the highest quality: for example for fashion, portrait, still life or product photography, for outdoor shots, for working in the studio with flash or continuous light and also for shoots with a specific ambience. From the necessary accessories (protective devices, cables) for the flash unit to a wide range of professional-quality reflectors or diffusers, which, in combination with the flash unit, provide diffused light or low-contrast, soft light, to studio umbrellas, reflector cards and honeycomb inserts that diffuse flash light or create soft directional lighting, Lastolite has the right product for everyone.
If outdoor shots are not possible for certain reasons and the photo studio remains the only shooting location, then folding backgrounds help and provide the right ambience. Skylites from Lastolite, on the other hand, provide the greatest possible flexibility. Lastolite offers optimal accessories for all requirements.