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Our complete Sony range at a glance - The Sony Brand Store

Sony products range from ultra-modern and professional system cameras with APS-C or full-frame sensor to a wide variety of lenses and small, practical action cams.

Cameras like the Sony Alpha 6400 or the Sony Alpha 7 III in particular enjoy great popularity thanks to many useful features such as the revolutionary eye autofocus, outstanding image quality and a compact housing.

But also in the field of compact cameras you will find high-quality products like the Sony CyberShot DSC-RX 100 VI, which will surely accompany you on your next trip and make sure that no special moment has to be forgotten anymore.

For high-quality videos that leave nothing to be desired, Sony also offers a wide variety of camcorders.

Sony Alpha 7 IV (ILCE-7M4) Gehäuse

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Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII

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Sony SEL 20-70mm f/4.0 G Sony FE-Mount

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Sony SEL 50mm f/1,4 GM Sony FE-Mount

You pay today 1.727,55
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Sony Events

LIVE PODCAST: Self-employed with portrait photography? | With Vanessa Wunsch + Good Shots Only

In an exclusive live episode of their photography podcast "Good Shots Only", Paula Kiel and Alina Berger spoke to portrait & commercial photographer Vanessa Wunsch about her path to self-employment. Find out when and how you can best gain a foothold in photography and how to turn your hobby into a career in the new live episode Good Shots Only!

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Sony Blog Posts

Sony - The Choice for Landscape

Are you still looking for the perfect equipment for breathtaking landscape shots? Then Sony is the answer! With its Alpha cameras and G, as well as G-Master lenses, you can set new standards in landscape photography. Unleash your creativity and experience unparalleled image quality.

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Hands on: Sony ZV-E10 II

Sony's ZV-E10 has been a popular camera for content creation for several years now. Now Sony has introduced a successor to the camera, the ZV-E10 II. In this blog post, you can find out what exactly Sony has improved in this camera.

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Guide to the best vlogging cameras

Casey Neistat may have been one of the first vloggers ever and probably laid the foundation for today's influencers. By taking the viewer into the everyday madness.

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3 simple light setups in portrait photography | Vanessa Wunsch for Sony

Good light is often crucial in photography. That's why Vanessa Wunsch shows you 3 simple light setups for your next portrait shoot in this workshop.

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Basics: Getting started with portrait photography | Vanessa Wunsch for Sony

In this workshop you will gain an exclusive insight into the working methods of photographer Vanessa Wunsch; from the initial idea to the planning and the finished picture.

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LIVE PODCAST: Self-employed with portrait photography? | With Vanessa Wunsch + Good Shots Only

In an exclusive live episode of their photography podcast "Good Shots Only", Paula Kiel and Alina Berger spoke to portrait & commercial photographer Vanessa Wunsch about her path to self-employment. Find out when and how you can best gain a foothold in photography and how to turn your hobby into a career in the new live episode Good Shots Only!

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With Sony cameras + lenses to the portrait master

Looking for the perfect equipment for stunning portraits? Then Sony is the answer! With their Alpha cameras and G, as well as G-Master lenses, you can set new standards in portrait photography. Unleash your creativity and experience unparalleled image quality.

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Hands on: Sony 16-25mm f/2.8 G

There's news from Sony again: a brand new 16-25mm with f/2.8 aperture. Of course, we've had a first look at the new lens. In this blog post, you can find out what it can do and for whom the new lens might be just right.

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Full format vs. APS-C format - What's so great about full format?

Every photography fan has heard the term "full-frame camera" or "full-frame sensor". But what is a full-frame sensor anyway and what impressive advantages does this larger sensor actually have compared to a smaller sensor? We want to answer these questions before you buy a new camera.

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Live workshop sports photography with the Sony Alpha 9 III

Sony unveiled the Alpha 9 III, a revolutionary new camera for sports photographers, at the end of 2023... Now the camera is finally here and on Saturday, February 24, you'll have the opportunity to see it live in action and try out the new features for yourself! Sports photographer Thomas Fähnrich will show you what's possible with the A9 III and how to take action-packed photos of athletes.

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The new Sony 24-50mm f/4 - standard or premium?

A new 24-50mm, yes, that's right: 24-50 with f/2.8 aperture. To be honest, we didn't expect Sony to launch such a lens on the market. We took a look at the new lens. You can find out what it can do compared to the many other standard zooms from Sony in this blog post with video.

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Guide: Cameras for wildlife photography 2024

Animal photography has been as trendy since 2023 as it was last in 2020, which is why we would like to introduce the best current cameras for animal photography to the beginners and professionals among you.

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The best portrait lenses 2023 - More than fixed focal lengths

The best portraits are taken with fixed focal lengths, aren't they? Our colleagues in the store always get lots of questions about photography, from cameras to accessories, everything is included but we also always discuss the best lenses with each other!

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Live-Talk: On safari in Botswana - with Lisa + Paul Hüttemann

Lisa and Paul Hüttemann talk about their trip to Botswana, the challenges of photographing in the wilderness and the journey of the pictures from the camera to the printed magazine.

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The best cameras 2023

Every year, only the latest cameras could be considered the best cameras of the year. But we all know that the best camera for you should also be within your budget - and that's not always the latest camera. That's why we've put together the best and most interesting cameras of 2023 for you here.

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In the video: Fashion photography workshop with Nadine Wuchenauer

Are you not only interested in photography, but also in fashion and its staging? Then this workshop is just right for you!

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Sony's camera revolution, the Sony Alpha 9 III our first hands-on

Sony has managed to surprise us with a revolutionary new product to coincide with the 2024 Olympics. The Alpha 9 III is the successor to the legendary Alpha 9 II. We bring the facts about the new product to the table.

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Content creation - Photo and video - Live shoot with Vanessa Wunsch and Anna Rommel

Vanessa Wunsch specializes in working with creators and brands! In the second live shoot, you will learn all about content creation and how Vanessa and Anna combine photo and video.

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Collaboration with creators and brands - live shoot with Vanessa Wunsch and Anna Rommel

Vanessa Wunsch specializes in working with creators and brands! During this live shoot, you will get to know her way of working and learn great tips and tricks to take your photography to the next level.

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Wildlife and Landscape with the Sony Alpha 6700

It doesn't always have to be full frame! Marina and Benedikt were out and about in the Bavarian woods with the Sony Alpha 6700 and tested the combination with the 70-350mm for you in detail.

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Sony Alpha 7c II and 7c R in comparison

With the Alpha 7c II and the 7c R, Sony introduces two new cameras that we were allowed to test in advance. In this blog post with a video, you can find out what both cameras can do and which camera is the best choice for you.

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First test of the Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM2 compared to the 16-35 GM1

The new Sony 16-35mm GM2 is here and sets new standards! It is lighter, sharper and even more compact than its predecessor! Therefore, we show you today the direct comparison of the two G-Master lenses and show whether an upgrade is worth it!

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First test of the Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM2 compared to the 16-35 GM1

The new Sony 16-35mm GM2 is here and sets new standards! It is lighter, sharper and even more compact than its predecessor! Therefore, we'll show you the direct comparison of the two G-Master lenses and tell you whether an upgrade is worth it!

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Watch again: Current trends in wedding photography

We spoke with wedding photographer and filmmaker Awid Safaei about his work, new trends in wedding photography, and his journey into self-employment. Awid told us why he shoots weddings and how he produces video content for Instagram on the side.

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Sony Alpha 6700 - Does APS-C live on for photo fans?

This year, we've already introduced a few new Sony products, only so far the focus has been heavily on content creators and vloggers. This is about to change, as we have tested a special new camera. Find out whether the Alpha 6700 lives up to the high expectations in this blog post and in our video.

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Sony 70-200 f/4 OSS G II - Tele or macro?

Use a 70-200 as a macro? Now it's possible! We introduce you to the new Sony 70-200 f/4 G II, Sony's 73rd E-mount lens with an interesting twist.

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The new Sony ECM-M1

With the new ECM-M1, Sony also wants to make the world of content creation even easier in the accessories sector. Find out what the new shotgun microphone can do and for whom it is suitable in this blog post and our video.

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Achieve creative effects with simple means with Luise Blumstengel

Luise Blumstengel will show you tips and tricks on how to achieve creative effects with simple means during our live shootings for the photo days in June 2023.

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Posing tips more with Nadine Wuchenauer

Nadine Wuchenauer shows you in the context of our live shoots for the photo days in June 2023, tips and tricks on how to properly work with a model and shows you exactly what you need to consider.

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Eye for detail with Nadine Wuchenauer

Nadine Wuchenauer will show you tips and tricks on how to train your eye for detail and the right image detail during our live shoots for the photo days in June 2023.Â

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Novelty from Sony: ZV-1 Mark II

Today we show you the new Sony ZV-1 Mark II, the successor of the popular compact vlog camera. What exactly has been improved in the camera and which innovations we consider to be particularly important, you can find out in this video.Â

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Sony microphones comparison

You need a suitable microphone for your Sony camera and just don't know which of the many different options is the right one for your application? Then you've come to the right place! We have taken a closer look at the different Sony microphones.

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The best camera from Sony? The new Sony Alpha ZV-E1

Today, we'll once again show you a particularly exciting new product from Sony. With the sensor of the a7S III, the compact form factor of the a7c, the operating concept of the ZV-E10 and the processing power of the a7r V, the new ZV-E1 could be the ultimate tool for many creators. The new ZV-E1!

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New Sony FE 50mm f/1.4 GM

Sony's lens portfolio is constantly expanding, and today we get to welcome the new 50mm f/1.4 to the G-Master family. Find out why this lens is so important, if it's worth the money, and how to choose one of the many 50mm lenses available now in this post.

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Sharper than a G-master? Sony SEL 20-70mm f/4 G test report

Today we present you the new Sony FE 20-70 mm F/4 G. Sony's new standard zoom is hidden behind this beautiful name. It is lighter, faster and sharper - the question now only remains "as what?". You can find out why Sony chose this particular focal length range and why it is worth the proud price of 1,599 Euros in this article!

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Wildlife Filmmaking Equipment

What is the equipment of a documentary filmmaker who travels through the jungle, the desert or the forests of this world? We asked Johannes - this is what he answered!

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Watch again now: Natural Portraits - Live Shooting with Luise Blumstengel

Luise Blumstengel shows you tips and tricks for natural portraits despite studio light during our live shootings for the photo days in November 2022

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Watch again now: The Five Best Portrait Tips - Martin Krolop

Martin Krolop gives you five portrait tips for your pictures as part of our live shootings for the photo days in November 2022. He will focus on technical details, camera settings and tips on how to take better pictures!

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Sony Alpha 7R V Hands-On - The best autofocus on the market?

We've been waiting for it for a long time, and now it's here - the new Sony a7R V comes with autofocus that works in the dark and always knows where your knees are, insane video resolution, a whole three processors, and a brand new, unprecedented display technology. Find out what all this is about in this article!

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Using Sony's Creative Looks the Right Way - (Photo Days Preview)

In this video, Martin Krolop explains how to use the Sony Creative Looks correctly and goes into more detail about his workflow

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Sony ZV-1F - your new vlogging camera?

The new Sony ZV-1F is the perfect entry-level vlogging camera for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. It's the perfect upgrade for influencers and content creators who have only worked with their smartphones.

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Sony Alpha FX 30 - the best entry-level cinema camera?

With the FX30, Sony has launched a new entry-level cinema camera. It comes with a newly developed 26 megapixel APS-C sensor and the housing of the FX3. Find out what the camera can do and how it stacks up against the FX3 and the a6600 in this article.

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10. September - Workshop Dog Photography LIVE - Tips Tricks for your pet photos Outdoor

On September 10th Jan (@pfotengraphie) will show you his skills in dog photography. In addition to the technical details, it will also be about the handling of the animals. Via our live stream you will be there in real time and can ask your questions about dog photography.

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How to photograph the wedding of the year? with Robert Schlesinger

On August 4, we talk to photographer Voice Artist Robert Schlesinger about his work on the wedding of the year. How do you prepare for Christian Linder's wedding and what are the challenges of working with politicians? We'll ask Robert these and many more questions in our live talk - and of course he'll also answer your questions!

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Sony wide-angle offensive! Three new APS-C Lens introduced

Sony is not resting on its laurels again this year - once again there are new products from Japan! This time there are three new Lens for Sony's APS-C cameras. In this video we show you which focal lengths these are and what the lenses are capable of.

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Action shooting - skilfully capturing fast movements with Christian Laxander | Fototage Livestream

Christian Laxander shows you how to capture fast movements with Sony during our live shoots. He will focus on technical details, camera settings and tips on how to take better pictures!

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Animal Portraits with Christian Laxander | Fototage Livestream

Christian shows you how to skilfully portray dogs and takes advantage of the Sony system.

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Sony Xperia 1 Mark IV - Finally smartphone innovation again?

The Sony Xperia 1 smartphone family is growing: Sony wants to really shake up the smartphone market again with the new Xperia 1 IV. But why is this so interesting for the photo and video scene?

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Novelty: Sony SEL 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II

The new Sony SEL 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II is more than just a new edition. With a completely new, smaller and lighter body that is packed with features. But a lot has changed on the inside, too. New lens elements, coatings, and autofocus motors. Find out more in our article.

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New Sony 16-35mm f/4 G lens!

The new Sony 16-35mm f/4 G is a compact zoom lens with a continuous aperture of f/4. It weighs just 353 grams and offers excellent image quality, internal focus and internal power zoom. These three aspects make it the perfect lens for travel photographers, filmmakers, vloggers, content creators.

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Tamron Lens Utility Presentation

In the new free version of Tamron Lens Utility, it is now possible to customize the previously released lenses Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III VXD G2 Sony FE-Mount & Tamron 35-150mm f/2-2.8 Di III VXD Sony FE-Mount down to the last detail to suit personal needs.

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Food photography | Tips for really tasty photos of food / dishes

Food is always something beautiful! The eye eats with you - so reason enough to push your Instagram lifestyle by photographing your food!

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Sony Xperia Pro-I - Redefined!

The Xperia PRO-I redefines the smartphone. The combination of professional image quality and the communication features of a smartphone make the Xperia Pro I unique and outstanding! It allows you to stay creative at all times without carrying heavy photo equipment. Compact, creative, anytime.

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Q&A - Sony Alpha Cameras & Lenses

Christian Laxander answers all questions about Sony.

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Low Light Shooting with the new Sony Alpha 7 IV

Christian Laxander is THE Sony pro and introduces you to the latest Sony highlights. This livestream is all about the low-light performance of the cameras. Don't miss out on the latest innovations!

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Sony Alpha 7 IV - the most exciting novelty currently?

Christian Laxander talks about perhaps the most long-awaited camera.

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Talk about the most exciting novelties

This is all about all the new highlights from the manufacturers Sony, Nikon Canon. We talk about the Sony 7 IV, the Nikon z9 and the Canon R3.

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New Sony Alpha 7 IV - with Hands-On Test

We have tested the new Sony camera and are thrilled.

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Sony SEL 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS II: Lighter, faster, sharper

Sony SEL 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS II: Lighter, faster, sharperThe successor to the SEL 70-200 f/2.8 GM =OSS offers many new features

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New: Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - Perfect for content creators?

Sony has introduced a new camera: the Sony Alpha ZV-E10. Find out all about the new camera in our new video.

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Live Event: High Speed Shooting with Model

With tips and tricks for sports photography

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Sony Xperia Pro - Simply better filming!

What's the best way to combine smartphone and video production? That's right! With the new Sony Xperia Pro, which Sony has launched brand new on the market. But what features does this new product offer?

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Create creative ring photos easily - tutorial

In this video, we show you how to take creative ring photos quickly, easily and with little equipment (for example at a wedding).

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Sony lens innovation - G-Master 14mm f/1.8

Sony once again has a novelty up its sleeve. The 14mm f/1.8 GM brings new momentum to the ultra-wide-angle lens series and convinced us during testing!

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Photographing the Milky Way correctly

If you want to look at the stars at night where you live in Central Europe, you will probably only discover a handful. Delil Geyik shows you how you can immortalize the entire Milky Way in your photos.

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Three new compact Lens from Sony

Sony FE 24mm f/2.8 G, 40mm f/2.5 G + 50mm f/2.5 G Newly introduced: three new ultra-compact fixed focal lengths from the Sony G series. Small, light and compact are the keywords here, making them the perfect partners for Sony's Alpha 7C. We tested the three lenses and shot a short video review.

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New: Sony SEL 50mm F/1.2 GM

With the 50mm f/1.2 G-Master, Sony is launching the successor to its f/1.4 Zeiss with improved autofocus and a wider aperture. But is it really better? Is it the perfect 50mm lens? We tested it and put it up against its predecessor. Find out more in our video!

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Sony ECM-LV1 + ECM-W2BT - wireless without any problems

With the ECM-W2BT and the ECM-LV1, Sony has presented the almost perfect solution for a simple and wireless audio system for videography. The system is perfect for both interviews and YouTube videos and offers some interesting features, such as "mixed mode". Find out more in our short video!

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Camcorder or system camera - which is better for video?

But what exactly are the differences between a camcorder and a mirrorless system camera? What can the photo/video all-rounder do that a camcorder can't and vice versa? In this article, we not only want to show you the differences between the various camera systems, but also show you our favorites for different applications and in different price ranges.

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Sony Alpha FX3 - Hands-on with Sony's smallest cinema camera

After a strong start to the year with the Alpha 1, Sony is now launching another new camera - the Sony Alpha FX3. The FX3 rounds off Sony's range in the Cinema line.

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Sony Alpha One: is it really THE One?

With the new Sony Alpha One, Sony is launching a whole new series and expanding the possibilities for photographers to express their creativity to a greater extent. We had the new Sony Alpha 1 with us for a day and tested it. You can find out all the exciting details in this article.

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Watch again: Sony Alpha 1 live stream

We tested the new flagship in advance and spoke to David from Schießstand about our experiences.

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Practical test of the Sony Alpha 7C

We carried out the exciting practical test - who is the camera best suited for? What special features can I expect? And is it worth the money?

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Sony 35mm f/1.4 G-Master

New from Sony: the 35mm f/1.4 G-Master continues the high-quality G-Master lens series. Find out what you can expect from the new wide-angle lens in this article.

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Review: The new cameras of 2020 | David Schöppe from Schießstand

David Schöppe gives you a brief overview of the most important new releases of 2020.

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The best camera news from 2020!

We briefly present the camera innovations from various photographic areas and summarize the most important features: whether full-frame, APS-C, video masters or the fastest photo companions. There is something for everyone here!

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Novelty - Sony Alpha 7C

Sony presents a completely new concept. A full-frame camera for all those who prefer a compact design! We were allowed to test the Sony Alpha 7C and were surprised!

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Missed the livestream? Sony Alpha 7S III with test images

Watch everything about the video and low-light highlight again now - with exclusive footage and technical expert Christian Laxander!

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Camera and kit in wildlife photography

When you only have a few seconds to take a picture, the camera needs to be perfectly set up and ready to go. Wildlife photographer Chris Schmid gives an insight into the equipment he takes with him on his adventures for his incredible wildlife shots.

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Break through your limits: Sony Alpha 7S III

The new Sony Alpha 7S III takes you into new worlds of videography. Equipped with a completely new sensor and superior 4K video quality that scores with exceptional color depth.

Dive in now!

Developed for YouTubers - The Sony ZV-1 vlog camera

In the new blog post, we present the Sony ZV1 vlog camera. A handy camera for YouTubers and video creators with lots of new features for vlogging.

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Sony Alpha 7R IV vs. 7R III

We have tested the latest member of the Sony Alpha 7R family and compared it with its direct predecessor. Read on to find out what has improved and for whom an upgrade is really worthwhile.

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Either...Or with Armin Rohde

Actor Armin Rohde has revived his old passion and always has his camera with him. So for our snapshot, we asked him "Either..or?"

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USA travel report by Lucas Schönfeld

Lucas Schönfeld was on the road in the land of unlimited possibilities and shares his impressions and thoughts on his fantastic road trip with us. He explains why a Sony camera and two Tamron Lens are exactly the right photographic companions for such trips.

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German Skateboard Championship 2019

At the German Skateboard Championships, the best skaters in Germany meet at the Eller skate park, show off their best tricks and compete in skating competitions. We were there and show you photos and videos of the championship.

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Sony Aplha 7R IV - New full-frame camera with 61 megapixels

The newly introduced Sony Alpha 7R IV sets new standards in many areas. The full-frame sensor offers a resolution of 61 megapixels and delivers impressive image quality.

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Vintage lenses on modern Sony system cameras

In the new blog post Klaus Schachtschneider explains how he manages to create an individual, distinctive image look with old lenses. Combine the technical past with the present and experience a new kind of photography.

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Tamron 2.8/28-75mm Di III RXD Sony FE mount

We were one of the first specialist photo retailers in Germany to have the opportunity to get to know the new Tamron 28-75mm in person.

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Sony A9 event with live shootings

On this evening, participants were able to experience the full power of the full-frame highlight Sony Alpha 9 exclusively, as Steffen Böttcher demonstrated his photography workflow with a bridal couple during a live shoot.

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Tobi Shonibare's first impressions of the A7R III

Tobi talks about his impressions of the A7RIII during his architectural shoot in Dubai. His photographic focus is on geometries, symmetries and perspectives. He is looking for aesthetics in urban areas and appreciates impressive architecture.

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The new Sony Alpha 7 III

Sony is now entering its third round with the Alpha 7. The camera is aimed at both enthusiastic amateur and budding professional photographers. Although Sony places the Alpha 7 III behind its sister models, the Alpha 7R III and the flagship Alpha 9, it borrows heavily from both of them. The result is a real top model that meets most photographic requirements.

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Explosion project by Jesper Grønnemark

Today it's about a photo project by Jesper Grønnemark in collaboration with the reigning world champion in stunt driving. Every task has its difficulties. But sports photographer Jesper Grønnemark masters them elegantly and professionally as always - not only with Mike Jensen, the reigning world stunt driving champion - but also with explosions. Explosions? Yes, real explosions!

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Photos of animals and nature - Sony cameras + lenses in action

Renowned photographer Gustav Kiburg turns his passion for capturing wildlife and nature into reality with Sony's G Master series telephoto lenses.

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The beauty of the Arctic - captured by Ole Salomonsen

Find out which Sony equipment helps Ole to capture one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena - the Northern Lights - in this interview.

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