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Sony: The Choice for Portrait - Foto Koch

Becoming a portrait master with Sony cameras & lenses

Looking for the perfect equipment for breathtaking portraits?
Then Sony is the answer! With their Alpha cameras and G, as well as G-Master lenses , you can set new standards in portrait photography.
Unleash your creativity and experience unparalleled image quality.

Which cameras and lenses are right for my work?
How can I get the most out of my equipment?
How can I inspire clients with my photography?

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The right equipment for portrait photography

Sony offers a wide range of different cameras in different price categories. However, there are two perfect models for portrait photography:
The Alpha 7 IV and the Alpha 7R V.

The Alpha 7 IV is Sony's most popular camera and rightly so! Equipped with a 33 megapixel full-frame sensor, this hybrid camera strikes the perfect balance between high resolution and flexibility. The outstanding autofocus system with face detection and tracking allows full concentration on image composition. The camera is not only a sensible long-term investment for beginners, but is also popular with absolute professionals. There is also a more compact alternative in the form of its sibling, the Alpha 7C II.

The Alpha 7R V is aimed at professional photographers who require high resolution with excellent image quality. With 61 megapixels, AI autofocus and even 8K video, it is an ideal all-rounder for working with customers who have particularly high quality standards. Here too, Sony offers the camera in a more compact form factor with the Alpha 7C R.

Both the a7IV and the a7R V are of course major investments. Of course, Sony also offers several options for smaller budgets. One of these is the APS-C camera ZV-E10, which comes with the versatile E-mount despite its small body.

Sony G-MASTER Lenses

The lenses of the G-MASTER series ensure unsurpassed image quality, which not only impress with their high-quality workmanship and the resulting imaging performance, but also with their compact and lightweight design. In addition, every current G-MASTER lens comes with a manual aperture ring, which is an important tool for both photographers and filmmakers.
With Sony GM lenses you can achieve maximum image quality with your Alpha camera!

The two 50mm lenses are particularly exciting for portrait photography, as is the perfect all-rounder lens, the 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II.

Lenses for beginners

There are some exciting and extremely versatile lenses in the G series for entry-level portrait photography, which are characterized by particularly high image quality despite their lower price.

Benefit from our sets

How the professionals work

Professional portrait photographer Luise Blumstengel talks about her work with the Sony system. She uses both the Alpha 7 IV and the Alpha 7R V for her work.
Her absolute favorite lens for portrait photography: the extremely wide-aperture SEL 50mm f/1.2 GM

The path to self-employment as a portrait photographer

- live on 13.06. from 7 pm -

Are you thinking about really taking off with portrait photography or would you like to develop yourself, your photography and your business acumen? Then the live episode of the "Good Shots Only" podcast on 13.06. from 7 pm is just right for you!
It's not only about the perfect camera, but also about the path to self-employment, customer acquisition, style finding and much more...

In addition, you have the chance to win a Sony SEL 24-50mm f/2.8 G worth 1,299.00!

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Tips & tricks from practice

On our YouTube channel you will find many exciting workshops about portrait photography!

Live workshops to get you started

At the Foto Koch Fototage on June 21-22, portrait and commercial photographer Vanessa Wunsch will be showing in two live workshops how to realize exciting projects for customers with the Alpha 7 IV and very little additional equipment

Live-Workshop: Fashion Photography - Editorial & Commercial with Nadine Wuchenauer

In our two-part workshop series on fashion photography, D?sseldorf fashion photographer Nadine Wuchenauer shows the most important aspects of fashion photography in a mixture of theory & practice.
In addition to target groups, planning and the relevance of one's own style or brand, it is also about example projects from her portfolio.
In addition, it is about the technical aspects, such as the right choice of camera and Lens and of course about lighting and various lighting techniques.

recording on YouTube

Live workshops on portrait photography with Luise Blumstengel

Luis has already given two exciting tips on portrait photography in live workshops at our Photo Days. In November 2022 it was about natural portraits despite studio light and in June 2023 she showed exciting and creative effects in portraits with simple means.
You can watch both workshops in full length on our YouTube channel.

Foto Koch YouTube channel

More about Sony

Sony ZV-E10 II launch promotion

Get up to 300€ introductory discount on the Sony ZV-E10 II novelty + up to two lenses/accessories.

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Sony Lens Discounts

Get up to 200€ discount on selected Sony lenses. The discount will be deducted directly in the shopping cart.

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3 simple light setups in portrait photography | Vanessa Wunsch for Sony

Good light is often crucial in photography. That's why Vanessa Wunsch shows you 3 simple light setups for your next portrait shoot in this workshop.

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Basics: Getting started with portrait photography | Vanessa Wunsch for Sony

In this workshop you will gain an exclusive insight into the working methods of photographer Vanessa Wunsch; from the initial idea to the planning and the finished picture.

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LIVE PODCAST: Self-employed with portrait photography? | With Vanessa Wunsch + Good Shots Only

In an exclusive live episode of their photography podcast "Good Shots Only", Paula Kiel and Alina Berger spoke to portrait & commercial photographer Vanessa Wunsch about her path to self-employment. Find out when and how you can best gain a foothold in photography and how to turn your hobby into a career in the new live episode Good Shots Only!

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Sony warranty

When you purchase selected Sony models, you will receive an additional year's warranty until 31.03.2025

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Sony trade-in promotion

Get a 200,- Euro trade-in bonus when you buy a Sony Alpha 7R V (ILCE-7RM5) or Alpha 7C R (ILCE-7CR).

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Sony Choice For Creators

Secure your combined discount of up to 500€ on selected sets with Sony cameras and lenses that are just right for your photography: Landscape, Portrait or Wildlife.

Sony Choice For Creators

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Live workshop sports photography with the Sony Alpha 9 III

Sony unveiled the Alpha 9 III, a revolutionary new camera for sports photographers, at the end of 2023... Now the camera is finally here and on Saturday, February 24, you'll have the opportunity to see it live in action and try out the new features for yourself! Sports photographer Thomas Fähnrich will show you what's possible with the A9 III and how to take action-packed photos of athletes.

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The new Sony 24-50mm f/4 - standard or premium?

A new 24-50mm, yes, that's right: 24-50 with f/2.8 aperture. To be honest, we didn't expect Sony to launch such a lens on the market. We took a look at the new lens. You can find out what it can do compared to the many other standard zooms from Sony in this blog post with video.

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Sony ZV-E10 II launch promotion

Get up to 300€ introductory discount on the Sony ZV-E10 II novelty + up to two lenses/accessories.

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Sony Lens Discounts

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